Path to Biofuel Sustainability

Path to Biofuel Sustainability Context: The need for understanding the difference between sustainable and unsustainable biofuels and India’s dream of decarbonization. Relevance: GS-03 (Conservation) Mains Question: How can India effectively balance its biofuel strategy to prioritize sustainable options and mitigate environmental challenges? (250 words) Dimensions […]

Nipah virus

Nipah virus Context: The article discusses the recurring Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala, emphasizing the need for an integrated One Health approach to prevent zoonotic spillovers. Relevance: GS-02 (Health) Prelims: Nipah virus infection, zoonotic virus, Ribonucleic acid virus, encephalitic syndrome Main Question: How can an […]

The ‘Ayushman Bhav’ Campaign

The ‘Ayushman Bhav’ Campaign Context: The Ayushman Bhav Campaign was launched by the President of India. About ‘Ayushman Bhav’: It is a nationwide healthcare initiative that seeks to achieve comprehensive healthcare coverage spanning the entire country. This is initiated by the Ministry of Health and […]