If anybody has followed IAS Exams closely, they would understand that Prelims exam has become more unpredictable difficult and tough nut to crack. It is because of the notion that UPSC wants only around 10000 to 12000 candidates to write mains, out of the lakhs of aspirants who apply. Reducing vacancies adds on the responsibility on students to prepare ruthlessly for prelims from the first day of their preparation, if any aspirants miss out on preparation even on a single day, it can cost immensely!

If anybody has followed IAS Exams closely, they would understand that Prelims exam has become more unpredictable difficult and tough nut to crack. It is because of the notion that UPSC wants only around 10000 to 12000 candidates to write mains, out of the lakhs of aspirants who apply. Reducing vacancies adds on the responsibility on students to prepare ruthlessly for prelims from the first day of their preparation, if any aspirants miss out on preparation even on a single day, it can cost immensely!

Cut off for preliminary exam for General Studies is less than 50% for last few years starting from 2018 and for CSAT its only 33 %, Yet despite these seemingly low cut off, prelims is the stage where in 99% of students are eliminated? Why? Either students try to study everything that is not necessary, or they are undisciplined and do not put optimum amounts of focus and efforts required to clear this unpredictable qualifying stage.

With aspirants proactively developing their General studies skills in Prelims, UPSC has turned to CSAT to eliminate aspirants, although CSAT requires only 10th level quantitative aptitude, basic reasoning and basic English, these BASICS have ruined many years of sincere aspirants!

Common queries relating to UPSC Mains Examination:

  1. What is required for Mains?
  • If UPSC Prelims is 100 metre race, then consider UPSC Mains as Cross country Marathon.
  • If Prelims checks individual’s quick decision making abilities, abilities to perform effectively under stress and critical thinking capabilities in least amount of time; Then Mains checks individual’s clarity of thought, impartial analysis of events and ideas, stamina to withstand prolonged strain over adequate time but over prolonging number of days. The best example of enduring in such strainful situations in UPSC Mains is Saumya Sharma Rank 9, 2017.
  • Mains extensively tests individuals understanding of ideas and concepts categorised under various General studies subjects like GS 1, GS 2, GS 3. Although these papers when written well gets you about an average score or above average score when normalised, but if aspirants take these subjects lightly can cause one to lose an year of attempt narrowly.
  • Mains also tests critical moral and ethical thinking of aspirants through GS 4. Although this subject is seldom highlighted as an important subject, it has the potential to make or break one’s attempt. UPSC carefully analyses individual’s moral prejudices and ethical stereotypes and filters out students who are morally and ethically crude. Moreover, Ethics paper (GS 4) is highly subjective in nature, hence clarity of topics and extensive yet dynamic note making along with regular tests is quintessential to score well.
  • Then there is an Essay paper that is misunderstood as a test of students’ knowledge. UPSC does not test a student’s knowledge in essay paper but their clarity of thought in interconnecting ideas, providing holistic representation of the topic and ability to express thoughts lucidly; lack of understanding of this core idea, makes students run after content and advertise their knowledge randomly in essay paper which does not impress the examiner to give marks. There is another major reason why students score low in essay, as they think that Essay does not require any preparation and they just have to write whatever comes to their about the topic. Essay although is the test of student’s expression yet our experience shows clearly that if essay is approached in systematic manner anyone can score really well in essay, regardless of their talent skills to write essay can be developed, as is the case with GS 4 paper.
  • There are compulsory language papers to test reading and writing proficiency of students in any language mentioned in 8th Schedule of Constitution of India along with proficiency in English. An aspirant to qualify in compulsory language papers only require 25% of marks, despite so low cut off, every year there are certain percentage of students who do not qualify mains because they fail in Compulsory language – Major reason – they take the subject lightly and do not give adequate attention to it.
  • Finally, the core pillar of Mains preparation lies in Optional subjects. When GS papers are 250 marks each, total marks allotted for Optional papers is 500.This proves how important scoring in Optional becomes. With our experience, we have seen many students cracking really good ranks just on the basis of Optional scores, when their GS scores were average few of them namely – Girish Kalagond (Rank 307, year – 2018), Pruthvinath (Rank 541,year – 2020).

We at Believers strongly understand that – “Every good cuisine has a formulated recipe moreover the recipe has to be prepared by seasoned chefs” likewise every mains subject has a formula to score optimally maximum under the guidance of Seasoned Mains Experts we have at Believers.



PROGRAM PERFORM (Prelims cum Mains Exclusive)



PROGRAM PERFORM at Believers IAS Academy covers extensive and specialized support for UPSC Preliminary and Mains examination. When an aspirant opts for Program Perform at Believers which is among the top IAS coaching Centre in Bangalore, he/she will be provided classroom training coupled with study materials for UPSC preliminary and mains examination . Interview guidance will also be provided. 

Why should you choose Program PERFORM at Believers? 

  • The major difference between Program Excel and Program Perform is the exclusion of OPTIONAL GUIDANCE. This course is suitable for any Students who have completed their optional preparation/ Decent amount of knowledge required for optional & are looking for exhaustive prelims and mains Program.
  • Free prelims test series and mains test series if enrolled for Program Perform. 
  • Program Perform will be handled by qualified subject experts who are best in Bangalore with top IAS coaching & Guidance experience. 
  • This course outline will also suit you if you are preparing for CAPF Assistant Commandant Exam, CDS, other state PSCs etc. 
  • Every session will end with a 30-minute Current Affairs discussion. 
  • Aspirant gets to access our library for free which is one of the best IAS coaching library in entire Bangalore. 
  • Regular topic discussions and current affairs discussions among students and faculties at the end of class hours. 
  • Our regular current affairs classes and surprise tests has given us results from past 5 years and guided aspirants to realize their dream. 
  • Affordable fee structure to suit requirements of students without compromising on quality.
  • Clarity in theories & Concepts to answer any given question more accurately. 
  • Ensures conceptual clarity through multiple modes of delivery.  
  • We adopt the most advanced technology in learning. Pictorial representations are entertained so as to build realistic understanding of the subject-matter.  
  • Incredible insights to develop best answers. 
  • Detailed analysis of previous year questions to familiarize students with the UPSC pattern. 
  • Right orientation and tactics. 
  • Prioritizes the topics in a result oriented manner. 
  • Helps you to choose what to read and more importantly what not to read in order to approach the mains exam with right strategy. 
  • Experienced faculty – Retired and In-service IAS/IPS officers as guest lecturers to provide you best IAS coaching in Bangalore. 
  • India’s best quality and highly relevant digital and printed materials with digital boards and classrooms with high speed internet to encourage quest of learning among students.
  • The more personal, small-group teaching is the most distinctive feature of the classroom system. 
  • High Success rate comparable to best IAS coaching Centers in Bangalore. 

 Course format: 

  1. Duration: 10 months. 
  2. Related lectures and visuals will be presented for each topic. 
  3. Mock Tests will be conducted, as a part of the course consecutively. 
  4. Printed material for all the topics will be delivered. 
  5. Monthly Current Affairs magazine will be issued which is of the best IAS coaching standard in Bangalore. 


 Facilities available in Online Platform –

  • Smart Digital boards that is clearly visible through online platform as well.
  • Every class is Live Streamed as well as recorded for later access and can be viewed any number of time, without any restrictions, subject to course duration.
  • Free and Exclusive access to Believers App through which recorded and live videos can be accessed. 
  • Free and Exclusive access to Believers portal that can be accessed in Laptops, desktops for enlarged and qualitative video experience. 
  • Online students can ask queries to the subject faculties in live streaming by simply unmuting and asking the doubt which is audible to the faculties or by clicking on the option “Raise Your Hand “to post your query.


  • Online students can write mock test in online mode, which is at par with offline test taking facility.
  • Effective User interface for online tests has be created to make the students feel comfortable while taking the tests.
  • To maintain the reliability and integrity of the test, various security features are added which restricts the students from closing the tab, opening a new tab, restrictions on taking calls while attempting the test, students cannot even go back to previous webpage. This is just a limiting factor to encourage you to take your tests seriously, like you would do in the real UPSC exam!
  • Instant correction of prelims mock test, to eliminate waiting time for students.
  • Smart Dashboard with features like:
    • Overall analysis of prelims mock test 
    • Section wise analysis of prelims mock test 
    • Smart hints to promote curiosity of students 
    • Use of AI based features to do SWOT Analysis of your preparation.
  • Considering that even we can do mistakes, Report button is provided for individual online prelims question, so that students can raise the errors and we can timely correct our mistakes.
  • For Online Mains test, students can write the test at the comfort of their homes, by taking printout of Believers Answer Copy and writing on it and then scanning the same.


  • Evaluation for mains tests would be done by relevant subject experts, normally within a week’s time.
  • Test Discussions post every test would be handled by subject experts to provide clarity on topics for students.
  • Regular personalized Mentoring to guide students in their preparation.

Course Syllabus: 

UPSC Preliminary Examination Syllabus 2024-25