Rapid Action Force (RAF)

Rapid Action Force (RAF) The Central Reserve Police Force of India has a specialized division called the Rapid Action Force (RAF) that is under Central government authority and is used to handle riot and crowd control situations. What is the historical background of the RAF? […]

PM Vishwakarma Scheme

The PM Vishwakarma scheme is a government initiative aimed at supporting traditional artisans and craftspeople in India, who work with their hands and tools in various trades such as blacksmithing, carpentry, pottery, and more. What are the main objectives of the PM Vishwakarma Scheme? The […]

Iranian Hijab Movement 

Iranian Hijab Movement  Historical Background of the Iranian Hijab Movement Before the 20th century:  Islamic and Persian cultural traditions were influenced by traditional clothing in Iran, including the wearing of veils and modest clothing for women. Women had limited access to school and public life, […]

Unique Disability ID (UDID) cards

Unique Disability ID (UDID) cards What are Unique Disability ID (UDID) cards? In India, individuals with disabilities (PwDs) can obtain a government-issued identification card called the Unique Disability ID (UDID) card. It’s a component of the initiative called “Unique ID for Persons with Disabilities,” which […]

Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana

What is the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana? The Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana to provide a comprehensive framework and close infrastructure deficiencies in the fisheries sector.  On July 5, 2019, when presenting the Union budget for 2019–20 to the […]

Blog: Sickle Cell

Blog: Sickle Cell What is Sickle Cell anaemia? Sickle cell anaemia is a type of sickle cell disease, a group of inherited blood disorders. When a person inherits two defective copies of the beta-globin gene, one from each parent, sickle cell disease is the result. […]

Blog: Nipah Virus 

Blog: Nipah Virus  The Nipah virus (NiV) is a rare and intractable illness that results in encephalitis, or brain swelling. Mild to severe disease, and even death, might result from it. After an outbreak in pigs and people in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999, NiV […]

Central Bureau of Investigation 

Central Bureau of Investigation  Central Bureau of Investigation is known as CBI. It serves as the Government of India’s primary investigative body. The CBI is in charge of fighting corruption and upholding impartiality in government. As a Special Police Establishment, the CBI was established in […]

Blog: Battle Of Plassey

Blog: Battle Of Plassey The Battle of Plassey was fought on June 23, 1757, in the Plassey region of  West Bengal. Robert Clive’s British East India Company engaged in combat with Siraj-ud-daula, the Nawab of Bengal, and his French allies. The conflict was won by […]

Blog:African Union 

Blog:African Union  African Union is known as AU. It is a continental association with 55 African member states. The Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which operated from 1963 to 1999, was succeeded by the African Union, which was formally established in 2002. The main goals […]