What happened to the Nord Stream pipelines?

What happened to the Nord Stream pipelines? #GS-02 International Relations For Prelims About Nord Stream pipeline: Nord Stream is divided into two pipelines, which have two lines each. Nord Stream 1 runs from Vyborg in Leningrad (Russia) to Lubmin near Greifswald, Germany and was completed […]

Chileans Reject a New Constitution

Chileans Reject a New Constitution Context: Chileans overwhelmingly voted against a proposed new constitution on Sunday, rejecting what would have been one of the world’s most progressive charters. What would be the implications? With this decision of rejecting a new constitution from the citizens of […]

INS Satpura

INS Satpura INS Satpura visited Suva, Fiji from 01 – 03 September 2022 as part of its Operational Deployment in the Pacific Ocean. The ship’s visit is aimed at further strengthening the friendship and cooperation between the two nations. During the port call, there were […]

India – Australia Relations

India – Australia Relations Context: India and Australia are gearing up for a bilateral summit which is widely anticipated across the world. Noted personalities from both the countries are up for the fifth round of the most important bilateral Track 1.5 dialogue Background: The Indo-Australia […]