The ‘loss and damage’ (L&D) fund

The ‘loss and damage’ (L&D) fund Context: Addressing a three-decade-old demand for climate justice, the ‘loss and damage’ (L&D) fund during the COP28 climate talks was initiated. This fund, consisting of financial resources and technologies, aims to assist developing countries in dealing with the unavoidable […]

Simultaneous Elections

Simultaneous Elections   Context: The Union Government’s recent notification on the formation of a six-member panel to explore the feasibility of simultaneous elections has reignited a longstanding debate. Simultaneous elections for the Lok Sabha, State assemblies, and local bodies were a norm during the initial […]

Rat Hole Mining

Rat Hole Mining Context: The recent rescue of 41 workers from the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand shed light on the usage of rat-hole mining, a method once prevalent in Meghalaya but later banned due to its hazardous nature. This mining technique, involving cramped tunnels and […]

The need to disclose political donations

The need to disclose political donations Context: The legal scrutiny of electoral bonds in the Supreme Court prompts a crucial examination of their potential impact on India’s democracy and rule of law. Relevance: GS-02 (Government Policies & Interventions, Representation of People’s Act) Mains Question: Discuss […]