Scandinavian social democracy

Scandinavian social democracy #GS-02 Governance and Polity For Prelims: Which are the Scandinavian countries: Scandinavia is a subregion in Northern Europe, which is also known as the Nordic region due to the ethnic Nords who are considered as the original inhabitants of the region. Scandinavia […]

The Debate over Freebies

The Debate over Freebies Context: The Prime Minister’s recent comment on “freebies” handed out by governments has reignited the debate on the economic rationale for granting subsidies. Background: The Supreme Court’s invitation to debate subsidies must be viewed as the beginning point for addressing a […]

Jan Samarth” Portal

Jan Samarth” Portal   The Government has launched “Jan Samarth” Portal on 06.06.2022 to provide a common platform for availing loan under certain credit-linked Government schemes. The salient features of the “Jan Samarth” Portal are as under: i.          It connects all stakeholders like beneficiaries, financial institutions, […]