Russia-Belarus Nexus 

Russia-Belarus Nexus  #GS2 Context:  Russian President Vladimir Putin announced last Saturday that Russia plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. Mr. Putin said the announcement was prompted by the U.K.’s decision to supply armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium to Ukraine. Depleted uranium munitions have […]

Understanding the street dogs-human conflict

Understanding the street dogs-human conflict #GS2 Context: Numerous reports on animal attack on humans all over the country. Points to ponder: Dogs have been our companions for thousands of years and provide us with protection and emotional support. Intolerance towards animals, including dogs, cats, cows, […]

Cost of insurance-based funding 

Cost of insurance-based funding  Context: The Tamil Nadu public health model is iconic, It has ensured equity in the delivery of health care, led to big improvements in maternal and infant mortality and universal immunization coverage, and led to a low total fertility rate compared […]

Biotransformation Technology

Biotransformation Technology #GS3 #Technology Context:  A Uk based start-up claims that it has developed a technology that could alter the state of plastics and make them biodegradable. The company calls it biotransformation. It claims the technology would digest the plastic packaging waste naturally with help […]

An objective look at china led framework

An objective look at china led framework #INTERNATIONALRELATIONS #INTERNATIONALINSTITUTIONS #REGIONALGROUPINGS #AGREEMENTS Context:  At the Lanting Forum in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang emphasized the newly released Global Security Initiative (GSI) Concept Paper on February 21. According to its description, the GSI is a framework […]

Net neutrality in India

Net neutrality in India #GS3 #Economy #Science and tech Net neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally, without discrimination or favoritism based on content, website, platform, or user. In India, the debate on net neutrality began in 2014 and culminated […]