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    Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore


    About Believers IAS Academy

    Welcome to Believers IAS Academy – Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore, where you can find the path to success in a highly competitive field of UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation. Our academy, which is conveniently located in the centre of Bangalore, is a well-known and respected name in the realm of IAS coaching in Bangalore Karnataka, India.

    Picking an ideal UPSC coaching institution is essential if you want to fulfil your ambitions of becoming an IAS, IPS, IRS, or IFS officer. We are proud to be listed among Bangalore’s top 10 UPSC coaching Insititutes, and the following explains why:

    We at Believers IAS Academy recognize the value of both time and outcomes. Our training approach is methodically planned to be both time- and outcome-focused. Ultimately, we want to enable you to pass the UPSC exams on your first try.

    We think it’s important to go above and beyond to make sure you succeed. We use a combination of in-depth lectures, one-on-one coaching, frequent evaluations, and extensive study guides. This holistic educational program is intended to support you in developing a thorough comprehension of the subjects as well as excellence.

    We are here to accompany you through every stage of the difficult road to becoming a civil servant. Students at Believers IAS Academy thrive in a caring and encouraging environment where camaraderie flourishes. Collaboratively, we stimulate and encourage one another to reach our maximum capabilities.

    Our past performance says it all. We have generated elite candidates year after year who have gone on to fulfil their dreams of serving the country. When you choose Believers IAS Academy, your decision is backed by a successful track record.

    If you’re ready to embark on your UPSC Civil Services Examination journey and are unwavering in your commitment to realizing your dream, you’ve arrived at the right place.  More than just a coaching centre, Believers IAS Academy serves as a launchpad for Aspirants. Join us, and we’ll write your success story in the field of civil services together. Success is guaranteed by your vision, your commitment, and our guidance.


    July 22, 2024 10:00 am - 10:00 am


    Believers IAS Academy

    Our Facilities

    UPSC coaching in Bangalore

    Being the Best UPSC Coaching Centre in Bangalore, we provide Digital Classrooms, Smart Libraries, A/C comfort, High-Speed Internet, Personalized Dashboards, and Automated Lecture Recording for online students.

    UPSC coaching in Bangalore

    We take pleasure in providing individual coaching with dedicated professional mentors and topic specialists at our Best IAS Academy in Bangalore. Whether it's academic or non-academic queries, we've got you covered. Your success is our priority.

    UPSC coaching in Bangalore

    Our institute is well-known for providing excellent IAS coaching in Bangalore. We've devised specific strategies to ensure your desired success. Your goals, and our guidance.

    Meet our Faculty


    Faculty at Believers IAS

    We at Believers IAS Academy – The Best IAS Coaching Center in Bangalore, embracing the spirit of civil service examination, recognize the enormous task that civil services exam preparation poses. Many candidates work tirelessly, but success eludes them. We sincerely believe that with the extraordinary coaching provided by our distinguished educators, countless devoted applicants who missed out on the UPSC rank list can achieve the top positions.

    Believer’s IAS Academy considered the Best IAS Training Centre in Bangalore, is your gateway to a comprehensive coaching program that covers all facets of your UPSC journey. With our experienced advice, you can realize your full potential.

    You can trust us when we say –
    Believe. Perform. Excel.

    Believers IAS Academy
    Lokesh Gowda D S
    Assistant Commissioner
    Believers IAS Academy - Faculty
    Praful Desai
    IAS Officer
    Believers IAS Academy - Faculty
    Yashwanth Kumar
    IAS Officer

    Toppers Talk

    Integrated Course For College Students

    Begin a revolutionary journey with our 3-year-long Integrated Classroom Course. This immersive experience is designed for bright, young minds straight out of Higher secondary school who are eager to set sail on the challenging waters of the Civil Services Examination. We’re not just educators at the helm; we’re your committed navigators, providing unwavering support for both preliminary and mains exam preparation. We take pride in being recognized as the Best UPSC Coaching Centre in Bangalore, where quality is not only a goal but a requirement.

    But wait, there’s more. We go above and beyond texts and lectures. Our one-of-a-kind curriculum includes Personality Development and Personality Tests, where you’ll get expert advice from current and retired civil service officers. This unique touch boosts your self-assurance and composure, making you stand out in the final round of selection. Our approach is what distinguishes us. We do more than just teach; we also inspire. Our approaches combine cutting-edge tools with time-tested ways to make learning not only productive but also entertaining.

    Join the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore, and we’ll work together to make your ambitions a reality. Welcome to a future where your dreams can soar!

    Apply for Scholarship

    In a world brimming with potential future public servants, countless aspirants with aspirations to join the coveted echelons of civil services are bound by the weight of economic limitations. But don’t worry, because this obstacle contains an opportunity. We are on a quest to level the playing field at Believers IAS Academy. Our unshakable belief that coaching should be accessible to all propels us forward.

    We stand as a light of hope for those who dare to dream as the crown jewel of Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. We are not simply providing advice for the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2024; we are also extending a lifeline. Our scholarships, which can cover up to 100% of tuition, are the key to realizing your full potential.

    We don’t only prepare you for an exam with our Comprehensive Classroom Programme and GS Foundational; we cultivate your talent and pave the way to success. So, if you’ve always wanted to enter the public service but have been put off by financial constraints, let us be your guiding light. The UPSC Civil Services Examination 2024 is your springboard to a brighter future, and we’re here to help.

    Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore for 2024-25

    Why are BELIEVERS IAS Academy Best Among the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Bangalore?

    Believers IAS Academy – Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore is your dependable companion on your path to becoming an exemplary civil servant. Believers IAS Academy was founded in 2012 to empower and guide young civil servants and we have become a beacon of excellence in the field of UPSC Coaching in Bangalore. The IAS Academy is located in BTM layout Bangalore and has earned a reputation as one of the best IAS coaching in India in span of time.

    Our dedication to developing and molding future civil servants is unwavering. Believers IAS Academy takes a comprehensive approach to UPSC test preparation, including thorough training, experienced guidance, and constant support. We ensure that each aspirant is well-prepared to tackle the demands of the UPSC examination by utilizing a team of experienced faculty members and a well-structured curriculum.

    Why Believers IAS Academy?

    • Expert Faculty: We have a team of experienced and qualified faculty members who will provide you with the essential assistance and mentorship to help you excel in the UPSC examination.
    • Comprehensive Study Material: Being the Best IAS Coaching Centre, we provide professionally prepared study material that covers all elements of the UPSC syllabus, making studying more effective and efficient.
    • Personalized Coaching: At Believers IAS Academy, we understand each aspirant’s unique needs and provide personalized coaching and assistance to help them succeed.
    • Proven Track Record: Our continuous success in producing top UPSC rankers demonstrates our commitment and efficacy.

    What is the Medium of IAS Coaching Provided?

    When it comes to UPSC coaching, we recognize that each aspirant has different tastes and needs. As a result, we provide both Online & Classroom Coaching for UPSC students, as well as Hybrid ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all.

    Could you Please Provide Information About the Courses Offered by the Believers IAS Academy?

    Being the Best IAS Academy in Bangalore, we provide a variety of programs geared to the various demands of UPSC aspirants, such as complete Prelims and Mains coaching, optional subject coaching, and personality development programs.

    If you want to join the civil services and are looking for the best IAS coaching in Bangalore or a top UPSC coaching centre in India, look no further than Believers IAS Academy. Our commitment to your achievement, experienced educators, and tailored support make us the best choice for your UPSC journey. Join us, and together we will make your visions a reality.

    What Students Say



    Believers IAS Academy

    Believers IAS is one stop solution for Offline & Online IAS Coaching in Bengaluru. Good size of student batch, Best Guidance and high skilled teaching team. Highly Recommended to join.

    Pavan Kumar


    Believers IAS Academy

    I attended BIASA last year and right now preparing for Prelims-2021, the coaching is pretty good except the amount of study material is more which adds an extra burden on us to study which in a way prepares us for the toughest paper that upsc can set but still is an overburden to study



    Believers IAS Academy

    Good faculty, personal mentorship, constant feedback. They ask our opinions and suggestions which are taken seriously. The tests are conducted every week which helps us understand our own knowledge.

    Pooja Singh


    Believers IAS Academy

    Believers IAS Academy is India's well known UPSC Coaching in Bangalore for IAS Preparation. The Acandy has Professional faculty with quality doubt clearing sessions and good mentorship program, great experience so far.

    Surya Ranjith


    Believers IAS Academy

    The test series and mock tests have work like wonders for me as I could see the improvements in my marks. I would recommend all the ias aspirants to take the test series and mock tests from Believers IAS if you desperately want to clear the exams. I am sure you will abide by me once you check yourself.