The Census: People count

The Census: People count Context: The Census is more than just a headcount; it’s the foundation for planning and development. India has conducted this critical population assessment every decade since 1881. However, the 2020 Census, meant for 2021, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme

Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme Context: The  Archaeological Survey of India’s “Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme” Indian Heritage app and e-Permission portal launched. Relevance: GS-01, GS-02 (Government policies and Interventions, Indian Heritage and Culture) About: The “Adopt a Heritage 2.0 Scheme” is aimed at inviting […]

A brief history of India’s present

A brief history of India’s present Context: The perplexing occurrence of communal clashes within India have been an enduring issue in the country’s history. A comprehensive analysis of these clashes reveals the underlying intricacies, shedding light on factors like historical continuities, selective law enforcement, and […]