India-Sri Lanka Fishermen Issue

India-Sri Lanka Fishermen Issue Context: Seven fishermen from Thangachimadam village near Rameswaram were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy at Neduntheevu on charges, including poaching. Background: Fishermen from Sri Lanka and India have coexisted peacefully in each other’s waters for many years. The situation was […]

Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis

Lessons From the Cuban Missile Crisis Context: Russia’s short ‘special military operation’ to ‘de-Nazify and de-militarise’ Ukraine is already a nine-month-war, and likely to extend into 2023; trans-Atlantic North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) unity under U.S. leadership despite visible internal differences has not collapsed; Mr. […]

Price Cap on Russian Oil

Price Cap on Russian Oil Context: Recently, the Finance Ministers of all G7 countries have  announced their plan to “finalise and implement a comprehensive prohibition of services which enable maritime transportation of Russian-origin crude oil and petroleum products globally”, unless they are purchased at or […]

History of India’s Neighbours-4

History of India’s Neighbours-4 Bhutan About Bhutan Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas, located between China and India. Bhutan is known as “Druk Yul,” or “Land of the Thunder Dragon”. It is a constitutional monarchy with Vajrayana Buddhism as the […]


UNMOGIP Context: United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed Rear Admiral Guillermo Pablo Rios of Argentina as the Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer for the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), the office of the UN Secretary-General has […]

A new global vision for G20

A new global vision for G20 For Prelims   About G20: The G20 is a strategic multilateral platform connecting the world’s major developed and emerging economies. It was started in 1999 as a meeting for the finance minister and central bank governors, which later evolved […]

The Jerusalem Declaration

The Jerusalem Declaration Context: The U.S. and Israel signed a new security pact on Thursday reinforcing their common front against Iran, as President Joe Biden pledged to use “all” American power to stop the Islamic republic from acquiring nuclear weapons. Background:  In 2018, Donald Trump, […]