Bureau of Energy Efficiency: BEE

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

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Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is a statutory body working under Ministry of Power.
  • It was created in March 2002 in accordance with the Energy Conservation Act 2001.
  • BEE’s primary objective is to lower energy use in the Indian economy by enhancing the economy’s energy efficiency using various regulatory and promotional tools.

BEE- Star Rating Programme

  • The Star Rating Programme has been created by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, under the provisions of Energy Conservation Act, 2001.
  • BEE Star Rating Programme covers over 26 appliances.
  • The key objective of this scheme is to provide an informed choice to the consumer about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the relevant marketed product.
  • The scheme works by display of energy performance labels on high-energy end-use equipment & appliances and lays down minimum energy performance standards.
  • The star ratings are given out of 5 stars and they allow for easy recognition of how energy efficient each product is.
  • This also forces the manufacturer to create products which are highly energy efficient since consumers will eventually prefer better rated products.
  • Star labelling denotes different levels of energy savings for different products.
  • For example, for one-star rated fans it shows of a minimum 30% and for five-star rated fans over 50%.

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