Preparedness Against Respiratory Illnesses

Preparedness Against Respiratory Illnesses Context: Recently, the Union Health Ministry has taken a proactive stance to evaluate preparedness measures in response to a surge in respiratory illnesses reported in northern China, as communicated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Relevance: GS-02 (Health) Main Highlights: The […]

India’s growing neighbourhood dilemmas

India’s growing neighbourhood dilemmas Context: India’s foreign policy faces a persistent challenge in its neighborhood, posing significant dilemmas for its regional aspirations. Despite envisioning global leadership and geopolitical influence, India encounters complexities in its South Asian neighborhood, characterized by anti-India regimes, rising Chinese influence, and […]

Regulating deepfakes and AI in India

Regulating deepfakes and AI in India Context: Deepfakes, manipulated through Artificial Intelligence (AI), pose threats to reputation and trust in democratic institutions. Relevance: GS – 03 (Artificial Intelligence, Government Policies & Interventions) Prelims: Deepfake technology, Deep synthesis technology, Artificial Intelligence technology, blockchain technology Mains Question: […]