Indian Study Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Indian Study Supports Same-Sex Marriage Context: With the Supreme Court set to hear petitions seeking legal recognition for same-sex marriages on Tuesday, a survey among Indians has concluded that legalizing such unions will have a “positive impact on LGBTQIA+ individuals’ mental health.”Marriage equality, according to […]

G-7 Ministers Commit To Work For Carbon-Free Electricity By 2035 Context: Climate and energy ministers and envoys from the G-7 countries agreed on Sunday to strive towards achieving carbon-free electricity production by 2035 and “accelerating” the phase-out of coal. The countries reached an agreement at […]

On Democratizing Tiger Conservation

On Democratizing Tiger Conservation Context: The Wild Life (Protection) Act (WLPA), adopted 50 years ago by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to halt the catastrophic fall of wildlife across the country, has been credited with much of the success of wildlife conservation in India. The tiger […]

Diplomacy, With A Change In Terms Of Reference

Diplomacy, With A Change In Terms Of Reference Context: The Chinese-brokered agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran reflects a new sort of regional alignment amidst America’s declining influence. Points to Ponder: The section describes the recent deal made by Iran, Saudi Arabia, and China, which […]