Militarisation of space

Militarisation of space Context: The very nature of warfare is on the cusp of major transformation and what is being witnessed is the militarization of space and steady progress towards weaponization, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Anil Chauhan said on Tuesday while stating space […]

Saudi Arabia’s Quest for strategic autonomy

Saudi Arabia’s Quest for strategic autonomy Context: For many years, the kingdom’s animosity towards Iran was the primary motivator of Saudi foreign policy. However, last month, Saudi Arabia announced a deal to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran, mediated by China. Furthermore, there were allegations that […]

Building safeguards

Building safeguards Context: The Supreme Court’s comment that preventative detention statutes are a colonial relic and grant the state arbitrary powers is one more example of how such laws represent a perennial threat to personal liberty.   Points to Ponder: The Supreme Court and the […]

Punjab — Beware The Ides of March

Punjab — Beware The Ides of March Context: Three decades after sectarian warfare decimated Punjab, the radicalise threat appears to be resurfacing. Eddies of this are already obvious in places of the world where the Sikh diaspora is concentrated. Sectarian violence is not uncommon in […]