Project Collaboration Agreement

Project Collaboration Agreement


The Ministry of Ayush and the World Health Organization (WHO) have formally entered into a ‘Project Collaboration Agreement’ focusing on Traditional and Complementary Medicine.


GS – 2 (India and its Neighbourhood)

Main highlights:

  • The initial phase of this agreement is anticipated to be a significant milestone in advancing Traditional and Complementary Medical Care Systems on a global scale.
  • This collaboration aims to integrate Traditional and Complementary Medicine seamlessly into India’s National Health System while concurrently contributing to global health objectives.
  • The primary objective is to incorporate elements such as standardization, quality assurance, and safety protocols of Traditional and Complementary Medical Systems into the National Health System, with an additional focus on disseminating these practices internationally.
  • The joint efforts of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Ayush will include finalizing the formulation of the Traditional Medicine Global Strategy for the period 2025-2034.
  • Together, the Ministry of Ayush and WHO will take on the responsibility of preserving the rich heritage of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, modernizing it, ensuring authenticity, and promoting its global significance.