Innovation at AIIMS: The iOncology-AI Project

Innovation at AIIMS: The iOncology-AI Project


AIIMS Delhi, in collaboration with C-DAC Pune and the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, introduces the iOncology-AI Project.

  • This AI-powered model, integrated with a supercomputer, aids oncologists in cancer treatment decisions.


GS-03 (Scientific Innovations & Discoveries)

Key Highlights:

  • Collaboration between AIIMS and C-DAC aims to revolutionize cancer care by leveraging AI.
  • The project analyses vast datasets to understand the genetics of cancer and tailor treatment plans.
  • The AI-enabled platform assists doctors by analysing patient data and providing personalised treatment recommendations.
  • Initial focus on breast and ovarian cancers aims for early detection and personalised treatment, particularly beneficial in resource-constrained settings.


  • Improves cancer patient outcomes and quality of life.
  • Reduces the burden and cost of cancer care by enhancing healthcare professionals’ efficiency.
  • Contributes valuable insights to cancer research and innovation.