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  • PM Modi will be participating in an I2U2 Summit, along with Israel PM Yair Lapid, UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and US President Joseph R. Biden. The first Leaders’ Summit of I2U2 will be held virtually on 14 July 2022.


Initially the forum was called as International Forum for Economic Cooperation in the year 2021.

The I2U2 members are:

  1. India
  2. Israel
  3. UAE
  4. USA
  • India has good ties with west Asia since decades, since 2014 India has also increased its engagement with Israel.
  • After the Abraham Accords, Israel has also started to integrate with the region specifically with UAE, Morocco and Bahrain.

The countries have identified a few common areas of interest :

  1. Water
  2. Energy
  3. Transportation
  4. Space
  5. Health
  6. Food Security
  • Apart from this, the grouping has also discussed on various initiatives including modernisation of infrastructure , public health, green technologies including exploring the low carbon development avenues.

What are Abraham Accords?

  • The Abraham Accords mediated by USA has led to normalisation of diplomatic ties between Israel and the countries in the region.
  • This has marked an important shift in the policies of the region which has a huge impact on international relations.
  • This has been the first Arab-Israeli peace deal in 26 years.
  • The Abraham Accords also open the door for Muslims around the world to visit the historic sites in Israel and to peacefully pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam.
  • Bringing Israel, the UAE and Bahrain together reflects their shared concern about Iran’s rising influence in the region and development of ballistic missiles.

Source The Hindu

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