Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park #GS 03 Biodiversity Conservation For Prelims Kaziranga National Park Kaziranga National Park lies along the river Brahmaputra on the North and the Karbi Anglong hills on the South. It is home to around 2600 Indian one-horned rhinoceros, approximately 2/3rd of their total […]


INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION: Introduction: Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) holds a prominent place in the glorious history of India. IVC is also known as ‘Harappan Civilization’ as Harappa was the first city to be discovered along the banks of river Ravi by Daya Ram Sahni in […]


INDIA CAN BECOME A BIODIVERSITY CHAMPION: #GS3 #Biodiversity Introduction: The whole of our biological resources, or biodiversity, is essential for global survival. The importance of our planet’s biodiversity was made abundantly obvious at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference (CBD) in Montreal, Canada. The 3030 pledge, […]


GIVING DATA ITS DUE  #GS 03 Cyber Security Context: It has become cliche to say that “data is the new oil.” The ability to produce data is currently greatly increasing around the planet. Servers gather data on every area of society every minute, including consumer […]

G-20 Summit

G-20 Summit #GS 02 International Relations For Prelims G-20 G20 is a global strategic platform that aims to bring together the world’s biggest industrialised and emerging economies. It has the critical role of ensuring global economic growth and prosperity now and in the future. The […]

Kerala mural paintings

Kerala mural paintings #GS 01 Art and Culture For Prelims Kerala mural paintings Mural Paintings are large scale paintings made on the walls of caves and palaces. The earliest evidence of mural paintings that can be found are the beautiful frescoes painted on the caves […]