Ayurveda Gyan Naipunya Initiative (AGNI)

Ayurveda Gyan Naipunya Initiative (AGNI)


Recently, the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda Sciences (CCRAS), Ministry of Ayush, has initiated the “Ayurveda Gyan Naipunya Initiative” (AGNI) tailored for physicians practicing in the field of Ayurveda.


GS-02 (Government policies and interventions)

What is the AGNI Initiative?

  • AGNI aims to establish a platform for Ayurveda practitioners to share their innovative practices and experiences in managing various disease conditions.

AGNI Objectives:

  • Foster a culture of reporting evidence-based practice among Ayurveda practitioners.
  • Document successful therapeutic regimens reported by practitioners for various disease conditions, encompassing single drugs, formulations, and procedures, with a focus on education and academics.
  • Identify interested Ayurveda practitioners for collaboration in building a database through applications and enhance their capacity through training in research methods and good clinical practices.
  • Undertake research to validate and appraise pragmatic practices, integrating them into mainstream Ayurveda through scientific validation and evidence-based approaches.

Central Council for Research in Ayurveda Sciences (CCRAS):

  • CCRAS is the apex research organization dedicated to undertaking, coordinating, formulating, developing, and promoting research on scientific lines in Ayurveda. It operates under the Ayush Ministry, Government of India.
  • The Council’s research activities cover Medicinal Plant Research, Drug Standardization, Pharmacological Research, Clinical Research, Literary Research & Documentation, and the Tribal Health Care Research Programme. With its headquarters in New Delhi, CCRAS has 30 Institutes/Centres/Units located across India.