With the rupee under pressure, what next

With the rupee under pressure, what next #GS-03 Economy For Prelims: About Depreciation: Currency depreciation is a fall in the value of a currency in a floating exchange rate system. In simple terms rupee depreciation means that the rupee has become less valuable with respect […]

PIB Analysis 04-10-22 Part 1

PIB Analysis 04-10-22 Part 1 Network Planning Group (NPG) Network Planning Group (NPG) constituted under the institutional framework of ‘PM GatiShakti’ has recommended 3 important road connectivity projects. These are Construction of Four Lane Highway from Gazipur – Ballia – UP/Bihar State Border, Improvement and […]

Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)

Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) #GS-03 Science and Technology For Prelims About Light Combat Helicopter (LCH): LCH is designed and developed indigenously by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL’s) helicopter division. LCH is a twin-engine dedicated combat helicopter of 5 to 8-tonne class. The LCH incorporates advanced […]

Biomass Co-firing

Biomass Co-firing #GS-03 Environment  For Prelims: About Biomass Co-Firing: Biomass co-firing is the practice of substituting a part of the fuel with biomass at coal thermal plants. About Biomass: Biomass is plant or animal material used as fuel to produce electricity or heat. Examples include […]