Mediation Bill 2021

Mediation Bill 2021 Context: The Chief Justice of India (CJI), speaking at the India-Singapore Mediation Summit in July 2021 had said that mediation should be made mandatory as a first step in dispute resolution and that a law should be framed in this regard. CJI […]

Indigenization of Defense Sector

Indigenization of Defense Sector     Context:   The Government of India is promoting “Make in India” for self-reliance in the defense sector, which is evident in the several initiatives it has taken that favour potential Indian vendors in terms of indigenization and technology development. […]


Recidivism     Context: In recent times, recidivism has increased, as some of the released terrorists have carried out terrorist acts, including Ahmed Hassan (Parsons Green Bomber; 2017), Usman Khan (the London Bridge attacker; 2019), Kutjim Fejzulai (Central Vienna attacker; 2020), and Ali Harbi Ali […]

Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus Spyware Context: The story so far: On January 28, the New York Times published an article extensively detailing how Pegasus, a spyware developed by Israel-based NSO Group, has been used as a tool to firm up Israel’s interests across the globe. The investigative article […]

Nord Stream Pipeline

Nord Stream Pipeline Context: The Nord Stream pipeline is back in the news following the renewed tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine. Owned by the Russian energy giant, Gazprom, Nord Stream the longest subsea pipeline, is an export gas pipeline which runs under […]

BrahMos: A Complete Guide

BrahMos Context : While the Philippines signed a $375 million deal for BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles last week to be operated by the Philippines Marines, there is another long-pending deal under discussion for BrahMos missiles for the Philippines Army, which could see progress in the […]

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef   Context:   Australian Government launched a USD 700 million package for protecting the Great Barrier Reef, in a hope of preventing vast network of corals from being removed from World Heritage list of UNESCOS’. The Plan will help in avoid the […]

Snowfall In Sahara Desert

Snowfall In Sahara Desert   Context: Snowfall in Sahara Desert was a rare event. Snow settled on the sand and ice covered the sand dunes, after temperatures dropped below freezing point. Temperatures as high as 58 degrees Celsius, have been recorded there.   Snowfall The […]