1st Australia India Education and Skill Council meeting (AIESC)

1st Australia India Education and Skill Council meeting (AIESC)

1st Australia India Education and Skill Council meeting (AIESC)


The inaugural meeting of the Australia India Education and Skill Council (AIESC) took place, co-chaired by the education ministers of India and Australia.

Main Details:

  • AIESC, established in 2011, is a bi-national body tasked with guiding the strategic direction of education, training, and research collaborations between India and Australia.
  • Formerly known as the Australian India Education Council (AIEC), it focuses on fostering partnerships in diverse fields.
  • During the meeting, five Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) were exchanged between Australian and Indian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). These MoUs aim to facilitate extensive research collaborations across various domains, including agriculture, water management, critical minerals, healthcare, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and climate change.

The MoU details are as follows:

Innovative Research Universities Consortium Campus:

  • Participating members will explore a consortium approach to delivering degrees in India.
  • The Innovative Research Universities Consortium (IRU), consisting of seven Australian public universities, is involved in this collaboration.

Deakin University and National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC):

  • Collaboration on the ‘Global Job Readiness Program’ (GJRP) to address skills shortages in India.
  • The 30-hour online program aims to upskill 15 million Indians over three years.

Deakin University and IIT Gandhinagar:

  • Establishment of Deakin University’s campus at GIFT City to support quality higher education and research in the region.
  • Opportunities for IIT Gandhinagar students to pursue higher studies and research at Deakin University.

Monash University and Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad:

  • Collaboration on academic and research activities, especially in the critical minerals sector.

Monash University and International Center of Excellence in Mining (ICEM):

  • Foster research and innovation collaboration in support of India’s mining and mineral development sector.