The World’s Tiniest Fanged Frog

The World’s Tiniest Fanged Frog


A recent scientific revelation has unveiled the existence of the world’s tiniest Fanged Frog – Limnonectes phyllofolia.


GS-03- (Species)

Fanged Frogs:

  • Genus Limnonectes: The newfound species is part of the Limnonectes genus, housing approximately 75 frog species. These frogs are scattered across the verdant regions of East and Southeast Asia, contributing to the rich biodiversity of these areas.
  • Jaw Projections: Fanged Frogs, as their name suggests, are renowned for their fang-like structures, which are extensions of their jaw bone. This distinctive feature sets them apart in the amphibian realm, creating a visual spectacle for those fortunate enough to encounter them in their natural habitat.