The Threat Of Rising Sea Levels

The Threat Of Rising Sea Levels

The Threat Of Rising Sea Levels Context:  In a new assessment, the World Meteorological Organisation discovered that the world’s sea level is rising at an unprecedented rate, with potentially severe effects for weather, agriculture, the ongoing groundwater issue, and socioeconomic inequities. During the three decades […]

Kunming-­Montreal Agreement

Kunming-­Montreal Agreement

Kunming-­Montreal Agreement Context: After four years of continuous negotiations around 200 countries including India have agreed with what is known as the historic deal which was signed in Canada. About: The Chinese-mediated agreement aims to protect the lands, oceans, and animals due to climate change, pollution, and degradation. The […]

Status of Groundwater

Status of Groundwater

Status of Groundwater The Dynamic Ground Water Resources of the country are being periodically assessed jointly by the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) and State Governments. As per the 2020 assessment, Annual Extractable Ground Water Resource and Annual Ground Water Extraction for all uses are […]

Editorial Analysis for IAS - India’s Climate Imperative

India’s Climate Imperative

India’s Climate Imperative The current issue The rise in number of climate related calamities such as heatwaves that scorched Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and New Delhi this year; torrential downpours in south India have again shifted the focus towards Climate Change from pandemic. The warning […]

Editorial Analysis for IAS - Forest Conservation Rules

Forest Conservation Rules

Forest Conservation Rules Context: The political parties have sparred earlier this week on the latest version of the Forest Conservation Rules. Congress spokesperson, Jairam Ramesh, alleged that the latest version of the rules, updated last month, allowed forest land to be diverted to industry without […]

IAS Current affairs - Green Jobs

Green Jobs

Green Jobs Context: Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently addressed at a World Environment Day ceremony about India’s ongoing efforts to combat climate change. He also addressed India’s efforts to develop “green jobs” during his speech. What are Green Jobs? Green occupations are jobs that have […]

Civil services Current affairs - Widespread Heatwave

Widespread Heatwave

Widespread Heatwave Context: India is facing an unusually long series of heatwaves that began in the end of March and scorched north India for most of April. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said April was the hottest in northwest India in 122 years. It has […]