PIB Analysis – 21st July, 2022

PIB Analysis for Civil Services - 21st July, 2022


  • The Dak Karmayogi e-Learning portal aims at competency building of Departmental employees and GraminDak Sewaks of Department of Posts.
  • Under Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications.
  • This portal facilitates online as well as onsite training in blended learning mode at deapartmental training units.
  • The Dak Karmayogi portal is aligned to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Mission Karmayogi and has been developed with a view to bring efficiency in the work force of Department of Posts.

Government says, Unit 3 of Kakrapar atomic plant is expected to commence commercial operation by December 2022

Karkrapar atomic power plant:

  • Located in Tapi District, Gujrat.
  • Uses indigenously developed Kakrapar Atomic Power Project (KAPP) Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWR). This is the largest indigenously developed reactor in India.
  • Energy is generated using Nuclear Fission using Uranium as a fuel and heavy water or deuterium water as a coolant and moderator.


  Source PIB