Israel-Hamas conflict may hit connectivity initiatives: U.S. envoy


The conflict between Israel and Hamas, as well as the assault of Gaza, may “pause” development on India-US economic and connectivity efforts, including as the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) and the India-Israel-UAE-US (I2U2) groups.

Impact on the Israel-Hamas conflict

  • The Israel-Hamas conflict is viewed as a potential impediment to India-US commerce and connectivity projects.
  • The efforts highlighted include the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) and the India-Israel-UAE-US (I2U2).

The Ambassador’s Point of View:

  • The United States Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, agrees that the violence may temporarily halt the aforementioned endeavours.
  • Despite the potential halt, he is confident that the ideals underlying these projects will persist.
  • Garcetti observes that bilateral collaboration between India and the United States is expanding in a variety of areas.

Focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • The Ambassador underlines the importance of increasing AI participation.
  • Both US President Joseph Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have previously emphasized the need to address the risks linked with artificial intelligence.
  • While no formal suggestion has been made, Garcetti urges that India and the United States begin a discourse on artificial intelligence.

Efforts for the Quad Summit:

  • Despite potential obstacles, efforts are being made to ensure the Quad Summit’s timing.
  • Several aspects are taken into account, including elections in both countries, the commitments of the Japanese Prime Minister, and the Australian National Day on Republic Day.

Defence Collaboration:

  • The Ambassador emphasizes progress in India and the United States’ significant defence alliance.
  • Initiatives such as the Roadmap for US-India Industrial Cooperation and Defense are listed as helping to expand the alliance.


Finally, the book emphasizes the potential impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on India-US commerce and connectivity initiatives. Despite accepting a temporary hiatus owing to the crisis, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti is certain that programs such as the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) and the India-Israel-UAE-US (I2U2) will last. The document also underlines India and the United States strengthening bilateral collaboration, particularly in the context of the 2+2 discussion. The difficulties in arranging gatherings such as the G-20 and Quad summits are acknowledged, and attempts are undertaken to address these concerns. Garcetti emphasizes the progress of the US-India significant defence alliance and advises starting a conversation about artificial intelligence.