‘IMPHAL’ – Third Stealth Destroyer of Project 15B


‘IMPHAL’ – Third Stealth Destroyer of Project 15B


Raksha Mantri inaugurated the first edition of Indian Military Heritage Festival.

Main Highlights:

  • The two-day festival aims to celebrate India’s rich military culture and heritage that has evolved over the centuries, through conversations, art, dance, drama, storytelling and exhibitions.
  • It primarily brings forward different understandings and perspectives through panel discussions by eminent scholars, practitioners- serving as well as retired officers.
  • It is poised to give a new thrust to the study of Indian military culture, traditions & history and add tangible value to the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’ initiative.
  • It also provides a platform for discussing various contemporary issues relating to India and the world pertaining to security, strategy and international relations.

Project UDBHAV:

Raksha Mantri launched ‘Project UDBHAV’, during the inauguration of the Indian Military Heritage Festival.

  • Project UDBHAV is a collaboration between the Indian Army and the United Service Institution of India (USI) that revisits the roots of India’s ancient military thoughts.
  • ‘Udbhav’, which translates to ‘origin’ or ‘genesis’, acknowledges the vintage scriptures and writings of our Nation, that span centuries in the past and contain profound knowledge that can benefit modern military strategies.
  • The objective of the Project is to synthesize ancient wisdom with contemporary military practices, forging a unique and holistic approach to address modern security challenges.
  • It is a visionary initiative by the Indian Army that seeks to integrate age-old wisdom with contemporary military pedagogy.