How can I improve my Answer Writing Skills required in the Civil Service exam?

 To write better, you should read more.

We learn more when we read. It is critical that you continue to read in order to write the best and most relevant replies. You will also notice the style of writing responses in the tests if you do this. This can also help you develop your vocabulary and terminology dictionary, which are essential for taking prestigious tests like the UPSC. Yes, indeed! Before you begin writing, you need first begin by reading.

Don’t act like a parrot.

You understand what we’re trying to say here. Yes, you should not simply replicate what you’ve read in books. Everything in your language should be read, understood, and explained. It will be more effective this way. Avoid sounding like a parrot by not repeating information from the books. Although not incorrect, what you write in your own words is the most effective.

Practicing, Practicing, and Practicing some more!

“Practice Makes a Man Perfect,” you’ve probably heard (Well, this applies to women also). Writing preparation prior to tests is quite beneficial. Try jotting down your responses. You can do this by solving prior year’s question papers and writing the answers down. Examine your answers and compare them to the ideal answer sheet. Find out what went wrong and fix it. Extempore tests are not used in UPSC exams. It necessitates preparation and practice. Writing subjective replies is an essential element of UPSC Mains Exam preparation; without it, you won’t be able to pass the exam.