Exercise Vajra Prahar

Exercise Vajra Prahar


Recently in the month of November, the 14th Edition of the Indo-US Joint Special Forces exercise “VAJRA PRAHAR 2023” commenced at the Joint Training Node, Umroi, Meghalaya.


GS-03 (Security)

Main Highlights:

  • It is a bilateral India-US military exercise.
  • The exercise holds great importance for India and the United States as they face security challenges in the current global situation.
  • Ex-Vajra Prahar aims at sharing best practices and experiences in areas such as joint mission planning and operational tactics.
  • The first edition was conducted in the year 2010 in India.
  • During this three-week exercise, both sides will jointly plan and rehearse a series of Special Operations, Counter Terrorist Operations, and Air Borne operations in simulated conventional and unconventional scenarios in mountainous terrain.