India’s first slender loris sanctuary

India’s first slender loris sanctuary

India’s first slender loris sanctuary

#GS-03 Environment and Ecology

For Prelims:

About Slender Loris:

  • The slender lorises (Loris) are a genus of loris native to India and Sri Lanka.
  • The genus comprises two species, the red slender loris found in Sri Lanka and the gray slender loris from Sri Lanka and India.
  • They are found in tropical rainforests, scrub forests, semi-deciduous forests, and swamps.
  • The Grey slender loris is a nocturnal animal and is also a slow-moving animal and are mostly arboreal (lives on trees).
  • It comes down into the bushes to feed and crosses open stretches of ground to enter isolated groves or to cross from one tree to another.

IUCN Status: Endangered

Wildlife (Protection) Act of India, 1972: Schedule I

Why they are beneficial:

  • The species acts as a biological predator of pests in agricultural crops and benefits farmers.

Why are they under threat:

  • They are poached because of the erroneous belief that they have magical powers.
  • They are also threatened by loss of habitat.


About Kaduvur slender loris sanctuary:

  • Kaduvur slender loris sanctuary is India’s first ever Slender Loris Sanctuary.
  • It will span across 11,806 hectares in Karur and Dindigul districts, covering areas of Kadavur taluk in Karur and, Dindigul East, Vedasandur and Natham taluks in Dindigul.