Decennial census

Decennial census

Decennial census

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History of Census

  • Census is the process of collecting, compiling, analyzing, evaluating, publishing and disseminating statistical data about the population.
  • The first known census was taken by the Babylonian Empire in 3800 BCE and counted the number of people, livestock, quantities of butter, honey, milk, wool and vegetables.
  • ‘RigVeda’ reveals that a practice of maintaining population count was established during 800-600 BCE in India.
  • ‘Arthashastra’ by ‘Kautilya’ written in the 3rd Century BCE advocated collecting the population statistics as a measure of state policy for taxation.
  • The administrative report ‘Ain-e-Akbari’ created during Akbar’s regime, also included comprehensive data pertaining to population, industry, wealth and many other characteristics.
  • The first instance of census in British India was under Lord Mayo in the year 1872 and was conducted nonsynchronously in different parts of India.
  • However, the First Official Census in India was conducted in 1881 under Lord Rippon which can be called as the First synchronised census.
  • Since then, censuses have been conducted uninterruptedly once every ten years.

Census in Modern India

  • Census is conducted by the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  • The statutory backing for conducting Census is given under the provisions of the Census Act, 1948.
  • As guaranteed by the Census Act, 1948, information collected during the population Census is kept confidential and is not even accessible to the courts of law.
  • The first census conducted in Independent India was the 1951 census.
  • As per norms, census can only be conducted three months after the boundary limits of administrative units such as districts, sub-districts, tehsils, talukas and police stations are frozen.
  • The finalisation of boundaries of administrative units will entail covering all jurisdictional changes between two consecutive censuses.
  • The next census was supposed to take place during 2021 but was postponed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and subsequent vaccination drive.

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