Editorial Analysis for UPSC - Tunnel Vision that is Endangering India’s History

Tunnel Vision that is Endangering India’s History

For Prelims

  • Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958:
  • The AMASR Act provides for preservation of ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance.
  • The Archaeological Survey of India functions under the provisions of this act.
  • The central government can extend the prohibited area beyond 100 meters.
  • Section 20 of the ‘Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains’ Act:
  • The Act prohibits construction in ‘prohibited area’, an area of 100 meters around protected monument.
  • It does not permit construction in such prohibited areas even if it is for public purposes, except under certain conditions.

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI):

  • It was founded in 1861 by a British Army engineer, Alexander Cunningham.
ASI publications:
  • Ancient India
  • Epigraphia Indica
  • Indian Archaeology: A Review
  • The ASI protects around 3,700 archaeological sites and ancient monuments.
Important sites
  • Barabar Caves (Bihar): Ajivika Monuments
  • Ajanta Caves (Maharashtra): Buddhist Monuments
  • Masrur Temples (Himachal Pradesh): Rock Cut Hindu Temples
  • Guntupalli Caves (Andhra Pradesh): Buddhist Monuments


       Source The Hindu

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