India International Centre (IIC)

India International Centre (IIC)   Context: • India International Centre (IIC) is celebrating its diamond jubilee, the President of India has addressed the occasion and held that India has had a widespread tradition of ‘vaad-vivaad’ and ‘samvaad’.   About: • According to the President, when […]

Russia–Ukraine Conflict and Kazakhstan

Russia–Ukraine Conflict and Kazakhstan   Context: • Amidst the crisis in Ukraine, there are apprehensions in borders of Russia-Kazakhstan where the ethnic Russians are in majority. • Kazakhstan shares a land boundary with Russia, stretching almost 7,644 kilometres, and has a sizeable Russian population on […]

Convention Against Genocide

Convention Against Genocide Context: • The United States and Ukraine accuse Russia of genocide in Ukraine, but the ultimate war crime has a strict legal definition and has only been proven in court a few times since it was codified in humanitarian law after the […]

China-Solomon Islands security cooperation deal

China-Solomon Islands security cooperation deal Context: • The social media leak of the draft security co-operation document between China and the Solomon Islands has created huge controversy as it has the potential to disturb the established security mechanisms in the South Pacific region. Background: • […]

Dependence of Europe on Russia

Dependence of Europe on Russia   Context: • As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, unprecedented sanctions have been imposed; it is critical to understand the relationship between Russia and Europe in this context. • Despite the fact that Europe is moving toward a […]

NATO Expansionism

NATO Expansionism Context: • Sweden and Finland are considering joining the NATO alliance, this has triggered Russia which has strongly replied back by saying, if this happens then there cannot be “nuclear free” Baltic. Why there is apprehension in Kremlin? • Finland shares huge land […]

Neutrality Since the Nehruvian Era

Neutrality Since the Nehruvian Era Context: • India’s response to Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, condemnation of the civilian killings without any name calling, and abstention from UN votes is not fundamentally different from the historically cautious neutrality followed since the Nehruvian Era. Background: • India […]

Realism v/s Liberalism

Realism v/s Liberalism Context: • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rekindled the realism versus liberalism debate in international relations. Background: • Considering the crisis in Ukraine, we can analyse how it is viewed by the two sections, while the liberals call it as an attack […]