PIB Analysis 06-02-23 Part 1

PIB Analysis 06-02-23 Part 1

PIB Analysis 06-02-23

Part 1

World Wetlands Day

  • World Wetlands Day is being celebrated across all 75 Ramsar sites in India with over 200 events including hoisting the National Flag and administering the wetland pledge.
  • Over 50 activities were held with student engagement in which drawing competition, quiz competition, exposure activities, and bird watching were organized.
  • The World Wetlands Day is observed on 2nd February every year all over the world to commemorate the signing of Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance in 1971.
  • India is a party to the Convention since 1982 and has so far declared 75 wetlands as Ramsar sites covering 23 states and Union Territories.
  • The 2023 theme for World Wetlands Day is ‘Wetland Restoration’ which highlights the urgent need to prioritize wetland restoration.
  • It is a call on an entire generation to take proactive action for wetlands, by investing financial, human and political capital to save the wetlands from disappearing and to revive and restore those that have been degraded.
  • India has the largest network of Ramsar Sites in Asia, making these sites a critical ecological network for conservation of global biological diversity and supporting human well-being.

Mission Sahbhagita

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) launched Mission Sahbhagita in 2022 with a mission of

  • ‘a healthy and effectively managed network of 75 wetlands of national and international significance which support water and food security;
  • buffer from floods, droughts, cyclones and other extreme events;
  • employment generation;
  • conservation of species of local, national and international significance;
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation actions; and
  • recognition, conservation and celebration of cultural heritage.’

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