Phenome India Project Reaches Milestone with 10,000 Participants

Phenome India Project Reaches Milestone with 10,000 Participants


The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has launched the Phenome India project, a pioneering pan-India longitudinal study aimed at enhancing the prediction and understanding of cardio-metabolic diseases, including diabetes, liver disorders, and cardiac conditions.

  • Initiated on December 7, 2023, this project seeks to investigate the genetic and lifestyle factors contributing to these diseases within the Indian population.

GS-03 (Science and technology)

Key Highlights

  • Milestone Achieved: The project has successfully collected comprehensive health data from 10,000 participants.

  • Diverse Participation: Participants include CSIR employees, pensioners, and their spouses from 17 states and 24 cities.
  • Extensive Data Collection: Data encompasses clinical questionnaires, lifestyle and dietary habits, anthropometric measurements, imaging and scanning results, and extensive biochemical and molecular information.


  • The Phenome India project addresses a critical gap in current health research by focusing on the unique genetic makeup and lifestyle patterns of the Indian population. Existing risk prediction algorithms, primarily based on Caucasian epidemiological data, may not accurately reflect the Indian context.
  • This initiative aims to develop India-specific risk prediction models, improving the accuracy of disease risk assessments and enabling more effective prevention and management strategies for cardio-metabolic disorders.

Way Forward

  • As the Phenome India project continues to advance, it promises to transform public health in India by providing insights into the mechanisms driving cardio-metabolic diseases.
  • The development of tailored risk prediction algorithms will inform better healthcare interventions, ultimately leading to more personalized and effective treatment options.
  • Continued data collection and analysis will be crucial in achieving these goals, paving the way for improved health outcomes across the Indian population.