GHAR Portal


The GHAR (GO Home and Re-Unite) Portal for Restoration and Repatriation of Child, launched by NCPCR, is aimed at facilitating the return and reunion of children in need.


GS-02 (Governance)

Main highlights:

  • The GHAR portal, short for GO Home and Re-Unite, has been developed and unveiled by NCPCR.
  • Its purpose is to digitally oversee and facilitate the restoration and repatriation of children in accordance with the protocols outlined in the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, and its accompanying regulations.

Key Features:

  • Digital tracking and monitoring of children within the Juvenile Justice system who require repatriation to another Country/State/District.
  • Swift transfer of children’s cases to the relevant Juvenile Justice Board/Child Welfare Committee for expedited repatriation.
  • Provision for requesting translators/interpreters/experts from the concerned State Government, when needed.
  • Child Welfare Committees and District Child Protection Officers can ensure the proper restoration and rehabilitation of children by digitally overseeing the progress of each child’s case.
  • Utilization of a checklist format in the forms to identify children who may be challenging to repatriate or who are not receiving their entitled compensation or other benefits.
  • Access to a list of government-implemented schemes to facilitate linking children with appropriate support services upon restoration, thereby strengthening their family ties and ensuring their continued well-being.