BJP nominee elected Speaker in Maharashtra; trust vote today.

BJP nominee elected Speaker in Maharashtra; trust vote today.

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As the political turmoil in Maharashtra enters a new phase, the state assembly welcomes a new speaker. This will allow the newly formed government to conduct its Trust vote smoothly and start governing. 

For Prelims:


  • Article 178 says Legislative Assembly of every state shall elect a speaker from among their members.
  • The detailed procedure of the election is given in the Rules of Procedure.
  • Office of Speaker was first started in India in 1921 under the provisions of Montague-Chelmsford Reforms (Government of India Act of 1919).
  • Initially called President but nomenclature was changed in the Government of India Act 1935 though it came into effect only after Independence.
  • Resignation from party after being appointed as Speaker is not grounds for disqualification under Anti Defection.



For Mains


  • Though theoretically neutral, Speaker, often being a member of the ruling party is criticized for being involved in partisan politics especially in cases of defection. (Click here to learn more about Anti Defection).
  • The Office of Speaker is responsible for maintain the decorum and order within the walls of the legislature. However often we have seen physical clashes between members of opposition and government within legislature, which brings the powers of Speaker under question.