Dealing With Deep Fakes

Dealing With Deep Fakes Context: A deep fake is a piece of work created by a machine using deep learning that contains misleading information. Because deep fakes seek to deceive us into believing something is true by distorting reality, it is beneficial to maintain the […]

Stabilise The Line Of Actual Control

Stabilise The Line Of Actual Control Context: The media frequently reports on violations and confrontations between Indian and Chinese forces along the LAC, even though both nations spend a significant amount of money on improving their military infrastructure and defensive readiness as they station personnel, […]

Wrestling Sexual Harassment 

Wrestling Sexual Harassment  Context:  The protest by the medal-winning wrestlers from India has been making headlines for a while. According to reports, the Delhi police lodged two complaints of sexual harassment against the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president on April 28, 2023, following the […]