Gaganyaan: Parachutes For Re-Entry

Gaganyaan: Parachutes For Re-Entry Context: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) facility in Bengaluru started testing for locally produced parachutes for the safe return of the astronaut-carrying spacecraft which is scheduled to happen in the month of June. Gaganyaan Programme The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) […]

Study On Butterflies’ Migration

Study On Butterflies’ Migration Context:  In southern India, millions of milkweed butterflies travel between the Eastern and Western Ghats in search of safety from the scorching summer. Points to Ponder: To escape the scorching heat, milkweed butterflies migrate between the Eastern and Western Ghats in […]

Kerala’s First Fully Insured Ward

Kerala’s First Fully Insured Ward Context: In Kerala’s Kollam district, Kalangummukal is an unremarkable rural area primarily populated by low-income families.  But now that its 1,382 individuals in the 5- to 70-year-old age range have insurance coverage against accidental death and disability, it will be […]