The important amendments Part 4

Important amendments of the Constitution The important amendments Part 4 Forty-four Amendment Act, 1978 This was brought with the aim to undo most of the provisions of the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act. Restored the original term of the state legislative assemblies and the Lok Sabha […]

India’s need for multi-domain operations

It is crucial for India to embrace multi-domain operations #GS-03 Security For Prelims Multi-Domain Operations (MDO): MDO does not just denote actions on land, in sea, air, cyber, space and in the electromagnetic spectrum. It comprises of operations conducted across multiple domains and contested spaces […]

PIB Analysis 04-01-23

PIB Analysis 04-01-23 Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU) Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU) has the Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. Following the successful elections held during the 13th APPU Congress held in Bangkok during August- September 2022, India will take over its leadership. Asian Pacific Postal […]

Purse seines fishing

Purse seines fishing #GS-03 Agriculture For Prelims Purse seines: A purse seine is a large wall of netting deployed around an entire area to catch a school of fish. The seine is fitted with floats along the top line and a lead line threaded through […]

Regulation of Online Gaming

Regulation of Online Gaming #GS-02 Governance, #GS-03 Cyber Security For Prelims Online Game Online game a game that is offered on the internet and is accessible by a user through a computer resource if he makes a deposit with the expectation of earning Presently India […]

Bauxite mining in India

Bauxite mining in India #GS-01 Human Geography For Prelims Bauxite Bauxite is raw material (ore) required for the production of aluminium. It does not denote a specific mineral but a rock consisting mainly of hydrated aluminium oxides. Global Bauxite deposits Australia is the world’s leading […]