Types of Economies

Types of Economies What is Economics: In simple terms, economics is the study of ‘what to produce,’ ‘how to produce,’ and ‘for whom to produce.’ It can also be defined as the study of using ‘scarce/limited resources’ to satisfy ‘unlimited wants’ of people. What is […]

Saving the precious

Saving the precious #GS-03 Environment, #GS-01 Geography For Mains: Condition of India’s Ground water: The Total Annual Groundwater Recharge for the entire country is 437.60 billion cubic metres (bcm) out of which the quantity extracted was 239.16 bcm. A similar assessment in 2020 found that […]

PIB Analysis 14-11-22 Part 2

PIB Analysis 14-11-22 Part 2 Jhula Bailey Suspension Bridge Jhula Bailey Suspension Bridge” at Ramban, J&K made functional and opened for traffic. The newly constructed Jhula Bailey Suspension Bridge, which has replaced the earlier one which was several decades old and was declared unsafe. The […]

PIB Analysis 14-11-22 Part 1

PIB Analysis 14-11-22 Part 1 National Workshop on Localization of Sustainable Development Goals A three-day National Workshop on Localization of Sustainable Development Goals in Gram Panchayats through Adopting Thematic Approaches: Theme 1: Poverty Free and Enhanced Livelihood Gram Panchayats is being organised during 14 – […]

Data Localisation

Data Localisation #GS-02 Governance For Mains: What is Data Localisation: Data localization is the practice of storing the data in the region it was collected from. Localisation mandates that companies collecting critical data about consumers must store and process them within the borders of the […]

Operation Barkhane

Operation Barkhane #GS-02 International Relations For Prelims: Operation Barkhane: Operation Barkhane is an anti-insurgent operation started on August 1, 2014 and ended on 9th November 2022 and was led by the French military against Islamist groups in Africa’s Sahel region. Operation Barkhane could be traced […]

University Grants Commission

University Grants Commission #GS-02 Education For Prelims About University Grants Commission: The UGC was established in 1953 and was given statutory status in 1956 under UGC Act. The UGC has its Head Office in New Delhi and six regional offices: Bengaluru Bhopal Guwahati Hyderabad Kolkata […]