Editorial Analysis for UPSC - National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)

IPR Waiver

IPR Waiver Context: • Earlier in 2020, India and South Africa had jointly proposed to remove restrictions of IPR. • This was asked for the use of Covid vaccines, medicines and other related equipment. • Now there is a consensus in sight on the pending […]

UPSC Current affairs - Indian Oil Imports

Indian Oil Imports

Indian Oil Imports Context: • India buys most of its oil from West Asia but now USA has emerged as the fourth biggest source for importing oil. • This is in context at a time when Russian oil is under heavy sanctions and Asian nations […]

UPSC Current affairs - APEDA

Recombination of Viruses

Recombination of Viruses Context: • The world has seen the instances of recombination of viruses in the recent past, this was seen in the case of SARS CoV 2. • Similarly, even mutations are a natural phenomenon in the viruses when it replicates. About: • […]

Civil services Current affairs -

Golden Langur

Golden Langur Context: • A recent report titled Future simulated landscape predicts that there is significant decline in the habitat of the golden langur. Background: • Golden Langurs are present in Bhutan and India, in India it is primarily found in few districts of Assam. […]

UPSC Current affairs - APEDA


What is APEDA & Its Function (Part 1) – Believers IAS Academy Context: • Amidst a record surge in wheat exports in the current fiscal, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) recently organized a meeting of key stakeholders in the value […]