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Nothing short of the Best IAS online coaching experience

  • The national lockdown due to COVID-19 has got everyone in a difficult situation. For IAS aspirants across the country this has proven to be a confusing time as the UPSC prelims were postponed. Access to a physical classroom is difficult at this point but, in today’s world staying indoors does not cut one off from the outside world. Believers IAS Academy has made the most of the technological resources available and has initiated undoubtedly one of the best online IAS coaching out there. We have always prioritized in-person classroom coaching to deliver a personalized mentorship, but under the current circumstances we have to adapt to the most beneficial choices. In designing the UPSC online course our faculty has taken extra care in not compromising any of the features of a physical classroom environment guaranteeing one of the best online course for UPSC in the country. 
  • Believers IAS Academy takes utmost care in ensuring the best and most effective exam coaching to our students. We have stuck to this principle while coming up with our online classes as well. Our teaching faculty is well acquainted with virtual platforms of tutoring and we have designed the courses in the most accessible manner. The students are assured a classroom coaching experience enhanced by several other online resources as well. Believers IAS academy maintains its spot among the top IAS coaching institutes in Bangalore and our new online courses testifies for the commitment we bring to the field.



Option to switch: 

This is not the end of the world. Once we are through with this situation, those students willing to attend classes in our classrooms can walk right up to our IAS coaching building in BTM Layout, Bangalore and join the classes. 


1200+ hours of course content: 

We will be providing the students exactly what we teach in the physical classroom. Including all the dynamic topics which are in line with current trend of UPSC Civil Services Exam.


Live 2-way communication: 

At Believers IAS Academy we prefer less number of students per batch so that the sessions become more interactive and comprehensive. This will be the case with our online sessions as well. Our online platforms enable 2-way communication. The sessions are never monotonous. 


Constant Evaluation: 

Online mock tests will be conducted regularly and assessed. This will help students track their performance. 


Updated study materials: 

The study materials will be made available to each student who subscribes to our online classes. These materials are not mere archived notes but constantly updated by our educators according to the volatility of UPSC Civil Services Examination pattern. Our materials are in perfect synchronization with the UPSC exam syllabus and it is this meticulous organizing of the most relevant study material that warrants our claim of being the Best IAS academy in Bangalore


UPSC experts as your personal mentor: 

Among our faculty are educators who have spent years in training UPSC aspirants and who have themselves achieved success in the exams. We also have Officers who often visit the academy as guest lecturers to share with you their experience and strategy. They are willing to engage with you on our online platforms and guide you in your journey to success. 


Doubt-solving sessions with our educators: 

Special doubt-solving sessions will be conducted in virtual classes to make sure the concept is clear to the students and to assess their understanding. 


Current Affairs and Contemporary Analysis: 

Our online classes will always end with a current affairs discussion session where we will discuss the important articles in newspapers relevant to UPSC syllabus. Apart from this online monthly current affairs assessment classes will take place. This will be in addition to the current affairs materials and videos published on the website. Believers IAS Academy provides a comprehensive and strategic current affairs coaching unlike any other institute and this guarantees on our part one of the best online classes for UPSC.


How to prepare online for UPSC Civil Services Exam? 

  • Internet revolution, social media, gadgets like tablets and smartphones, online shopping websites etc. have changed the way aspirants deal with the requirements of the UPSC Civil Services Exam. 
  • The exam pattern is also changing – indicating a shift towards greater inclusiveness and lower importance to classroom coaching in metro cities. 


How to use the latest technologies for online IAS preparation? 

Make the best of your mobile phone, laptop and internet connection for IAS preparation online. Let us start with the importance of using the internet to our benefit first. 


Tip 1: Use Government websites religiously 

As a lot of information required to clear UPSC exams comes from reports and data from various government ministries, all candidates are strongly advised to be active users of the internet. Books might not be updated as often as websites, and hence they may not be a reliable source always. Also, books may not contain authentic information as in government websites like PIB about economic data, government schemes, international relations etc. 


Tip 2: Subscribe Believers IAS Academy Updates 

Yes. Self-promotion, but subscribe to Believers IAS updates (via email, push-notifications etc). You will get free online study materials and strategies from Believers IAS Academy for free. We have one of the best collections of IAS online coaching materials. Also, make sure that you follow our Facebook and Instagram pages where we share important information we collect across the network from various websites. 


Tip 3: Buy a laptop or tablet 

  • If you can afford it, get yourself a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It would be worth the money spent. Any one of these is a necessary gadget for online UPSC coaching. If you don’t have one, please try to visit a nearby internet café and browse important resources mentioned on this website. 
  • With the release of Believers IAS Prelims Online Mock Test Series, preparing online has many advantages as well. You will get instant results, performance analysis, all-India ranks etc. 
  • If you are planning to buy a new laptop or tablet, a few tips: If you have the habit of reading, writing or blogging on bigger screens, you may opt for a laptop. Go for a tablet if you prefer a comfortable traditional book-reading-feel. 
  • Also, you may get an internet connection with high-speed broadband or 3G/4G data-connection. For a UPSC aspirant, there is not much time to waste on low-speed internet. 


Tip 4: Buy books. That too online! 

The age of libraries is almost over. Now with online shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon, you can buy books online. You often get books at almost half the MRP. Besides they will deliver the books to your doorstep. 


Tip 5: Use Social Media! 

  • Perhaps the strangest tip on the list. But we are not kidding. Social media can be used as a supplementary learning space in your online IAS coaching. 
  • You don’t have to say goodbye to Facebook once you start your IAS preparation. Facebook and other social media like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, or YouTube can be used to aid UPSC preparation if you have the right idea about what to subscribe to. 
  • Subscribe to relevant and informative pages or channels like The Hindu, PIB, The Wire etc. and you will get all their updates on your Facebook feed when you log in. But make sure you don’t oversubscribe pages and that your attention is not diverted to your Facebook friends’ status updates and chats. 


Tip 6: Use mobile apps 

There are many good android apps that can assist in online IAS coaching which can be checked when you are not in a place suitable for reading a textbook, such as a bus stop or metro station. Also, apps like One Note will help you access your notes anywhere anytime for revisions. 


Tip 7: Use Google Maps 

Google Maps can be of great help to study geography. Explore and visit places guilt-free during this lockdown period. You could browse online for maps, take print-outs and stick on your wall. Everyday encounter with maps will strengthen your Geography and Geopolitics. 


Tip 8: Use a voice recorder 

Use the voice recorder in your mobile and record good classes. For instance, if you get to attend any IAS coaching centers in Bangalore, or record while you study by reading out important points. You may hear your recordings when you travel or get free time. This can make your revisions greatly efficient and effective.


Tip 9: Write or Blog 

Writing helps a lot. If you are comfortable with pen on paper, do it. If you are good at typing fast, start a blog to polish your language skills. Alternatively, you may send your articles written in word format to Believers IAS as a guest contributor. Isn’t that cool? If not for the Best IAS academies in Bangalore, try writing for the budding ones. Or you could start your own free online UPSC classes. 


Tip 10: High-end gadgets can’t make you clear IAS, but your effort can.

Don’t misunderstand that you need the latest, high-end devices to receive the best online coaching for IAS in this tech-decade. You don’t. As we said before, UPSC is trying their best to make this exam as inclusive as possible. Maximum effort will be taken to make sure that there will not be any undue advantage to urban candidates. An internet connection from a broadband café is also very much fine for online UPSC coaching. But as we mentioned in the beginning, make sure you look up government reports and other recommended resources. 


UPSC Civil Services Exam – Positive Changes! 

  • The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have revolutionized every field, and it didn’t leave out IAS exam preparation either. The availability of information at the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger is a boon for every IAS aspirant. 
  • Books or teachers can never be replaced, but there are online alternatives for many candidates as access to content is getting easier every day. 
  • As internet availability increased in our rural districts, many promising candidates started to appear for the UPSC Civil Services Exams with better orientation and preparation. This inclusiveness is essential for the future of a better India. We take pride in being a part of this endeavor, always giving it the best we can. The committed aspirant should have access to the best online classes for UPSC and we assure you that we keep our standards. 



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