Newspapers in British India – Part 4

Newspapers in British India Part 1

Newspapers in British India – Part 4

1900 to 1915

O Heraldo

  • O Heraldo was established as the first daily Portuguese newspaper on 21 May 1900 by Aleixo Clemente Messias Gomes in Goa.
  • It was later transformed into an English daily in 1983, by which time it was ‘the longest-running Portuguese-language newspaper outside of Portugal and Brazil’.

Indian Opinion

  • The Indian Opinion was a newspaper established by Mahatma Gandhi for the Indian community in South Africa.
  • The publication was an important tool for the political movement led by Gandhi and the Natal Indian Congress to fight racial discrimination and civil rights.
  • The newspaper was published in Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil and English.

The Indian Sociologist

  • The Indian sociologist was an Indian nationalist journal published by Shyamji Krishna Verma in 1905.
  • The subtitle of the Indian sociologist was “An organ of Freedom, and political, social and religious reform.”
  • The journal was edited by Shyamji Krishna Verma from 1905 to 1914, then between 1920 and 1922.

Jugantar Patrika

  • Jugantar Patrika was a Bengali revolutionary newspaper founded in 1906 in Calcutta by Barindra Kumar Ghosh, Abhinash Bhattacharya and Bhupendranath Dutt.
  • It served as the propaganda organ of Anushilan Samiti which a nascent revolutionary organization that was taking shape in Bengal at the time.
  • Bhupendranath Dutt served as the editor of the newspaper till his arrest in 1907.

The Leader

  • The Leader was one of the most influential English-language newspapers in India during British Raj.
  • It was founded by Madan Mohan Malviya on 24 October 1909 from Allahabad.

The Bombay Chronicle

  • The Bombay Chronicle was an English-language newspaper, published from then Bombay, started in 1910 by Sir Pherozeshah Mehta.
  • Jehangir Bomanji Petit had assisted Mehta in launching the newspaper.
  • The newspaper closed down in 1959.

The Hitavada

  • The Hitavada is an English daily newspaper circulating mainly in Central parts of India.
  • It was founded in 1911 by freedom fighter Gopal Krishna Gokhale in Nagpur.
  • It was the first and the only English daily of Nagpur.

Hindustan Ghadar

  • Hindustan Ghadar was a weekly publication that was the party organ of the Ghadar Party.
  • It was published under the auspices of the Yugantar Ashram.
  • On 1st November 1913 the first issue of Ghadar in Urdu was published and on 9 December, the Gurmukhi edition.

New India

  • New India was an early 20th century daily newspaper published in India by Annie Besant, to highlight issues related to the Indian freedom struggle.
  • In June 1914 Annie Besant purchased an existing newspaper called ‘Madras Standard’ and renamed it ‘New India’.


  • Commonweal was a British socialist newspaper founded in 1885 by Annie Besant.
  • Commonweal was first published in England founded in 1885 by the new born Socialist League.