• The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded on the 4th of April, 1949, by the United States, Canada, and many Western European states to offer collective protection against the Soviet Union under the North Atlantic Treaty (also known as the Washington Treaty).
  • The company’s headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium.
  • NATO is a political and military alliance whose principal objectives are to defend its members collectively and to maintain a democratic peace in the North Atlantic region.
  • “An attack against one ally is considered an attack against all allies,” according to NATO’s Article V, which specifies that “an attack against one ally is considered an attack against all allies.”

NATO’s Forces: 

  • While NATO has a military and civilian headquarters as well as an integrated military command structure, it only possesses a small number of forces and assets that are solely its own.
  • Until member countries agree to take on NATO-related activities, the majority of forces remain under full national command and control.

NATO Decisions: 

  • Because all decisions are made by consensus, a “NATO decision” is an expression of the collective will of all 30 member countries
  • Source  The Hindu 

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