The Hindu Important News Articles :

Op-ed & Editorials :


  1. A moment for civilisational introspection (GENERAL STUDIES-1)
  2. Anchoring ties with Canberra the virtual way (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  3. Awful silence (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  4. Belated, but welcome (GENERAL STUDIES-2)


Other News Articles :

  1. GDP growth slows to a 11-year low of 4.2%, Q4 slumps to 3.1% (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Indian Economy)
  2. Lockdown 5.0 to be strictly implemented in 13 cities (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  3. Core sector output shrinks 38% in April (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Indian Economy)
  4. ‘Trump did not talk to Modi on China’ (GENERAL STUDIES- 2 Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests)
  5. Trump order targets social networks
  6. Chinese media slam U.S. President over border comments (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  7. U.S. sanctions a double-edged sword: Hong Kong
  8. Rajasthan farmers, officials in night-long fight against locusts (GENERAL STUDIES-3)
  9. Locust surge may turn into global plague: expert (GENERAL STUDIES-3)
  10. DGCA warns pilots of risks to flights (GENERAL STUDIES-3)
  11. ‘States show variations in testing contacts’ (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  12. ‘Rozgar Setu’ for skilled workers in M.P. (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  13. ‘Avoid travel by train unless it is essential’(GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  14. ‘Trump did not talk to Modi on China’ (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  15. Donald Trump’s gaffe on call with PM Modi is not a first, but a pattern (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  16. Tension unlikely to escalate, say former diplomats (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  17. Nascent Arabian Sea cyclone may delay monsoon arrival (GENERAL STUDIES-1)


Business :

  1. GENERAL STUDIEST Council likely to meet in mid-June (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  2. Fiscal deficit at 4.6% for FY20 as revenue saGeneral Studies (GENERAL STUDIES-3)
  3. Telecom regulator moots national numbering plan (GENERAL STUDIES-2)
  4. Core sector output contracts 38% in April (GENERAL STUDIES-3)
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