The Hindu Important News Articles :

Op-ed & Editorials :


1.) Pathways to a more resilient economy (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Economy / General Article)

2.) Getting over pandemic stage fright (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Health)

3.) Dangerous drift (GENERAL STUDIES- 3 Internal Security)

4.) The mark of zero (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Health)

5.) Boost wages to stimulate India’s growth (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Indian Economy)

6.) The case for a gradual exit (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Health)

7.) It’s time for a virtual judiciary (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Judiciary / Egovernace)


Other News Articles :

8.) ‘Copycat’ groups come to the fore (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Cyberspace)

9.) 70,000 migrants return on 67 trains (GENERAL STUDIES-1 Migrantion and associated issues)

10.) Unions write to PM to seek help for workers (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Social Justice)

11.) Centre sets rules for bringing back Indians (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Indian Diaspora)

12.) Ships on way to the Maldives, UAE (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Indian Diaspora)

13.) ‘Fare will put evacuees in a tough spot’ (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Indian Diaspora)

14.) ‘Darbar Move’ burdens exchequer, says J&K HC (Prelim – Dual Capital and its history)

15.) M.P. caught between pandemic and penury (GENERAL STUDIES -3 / Prelims – Main Sources of State Finance)

16.) Trump’s lab claim remains speculative: WHO

17.) China launches new rocket, spacecraft (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Space)

18.) Amid high inflation, Iran to get a new currency (Prelims )

19.) India records another spike with 3,875 new cases, 194 deaths (GENERAL STUDIES -2 Health)

20.) TRF a Pak. ploy to avoid scrutiny, says J&K’s DGP (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Internal Security)

21.) India needs a big stimulus package: Abhijit Banerjee (GENERAL STUDIES-3 Indian Economy)

22.) Centre steps in after Gujarat records 49 virus deaths in a day (GENERAL STUDIES-2 Health)


Business :

23.) BHEL invites foreign firms to use idle units (GENERAL STUDIES-2/3)

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