The Hindu Important News Articles :

Science & Tech :

1.) Dead fragments of novel coronavirus led to false positives in recovered patients (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

2.) NIAB develops portable coronavirus detection kit (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

3.) A protocol for pooled RT-PCR testing of COVID-19 (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

4.) Broad-spectrum antiviral inhibits novel coronavirus (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

5.) Using human sweat as diagnostic tool and source of power (GENERAL STUDIES-3)


Other News Articles :

6.) Ministry wants Aarogya Setu app made disabled-friendly (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

7.) Activists say over 300 deaths related to lockdown troubles (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

8.) UAE sends aid for health workers (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

9.) Pandemic jolts prudent T.N.’s calculations (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

10.) USCIRF report may prompt concerns (GENERAL STUDIES-2/1)

11.) Can antibody tests help tackle COVID-19? (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

12.) When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready? (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

13.) Debt and mutual funds (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

14.) What went wrong with Japan’s COVID-19 response (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

15.) No country for migrant workers (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

16.) 2,411 cases recorded in highest single-day spike; toll now 1,223 (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

17.) Majority of curbs lifted in orange zones (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

18.) States scrape the barrel as revenues dry up (GENERAL STUDIES-3)


Business :

19.) Das reviews credit flow, loan moratorium with bank chiefs (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

20.) PM meets FM for second economic stimulus package (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

21.) India Inc. welcomes resumption of economic activity in lockdown 3.0 (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

22.) ‘Now is the time for Centre to use its mints’ (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

23.) ‘It will take 6 to 9 months or even longer for consumption to get back to normal’ (GENERAL STUDIES-3)

24.) U.S. offers relief to H-1B holders, green card applicants (GENERAL STUDIES-2)

25.) U.S. officials take a hard line on China

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