Yanomami Tribe

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Context : The Yanomami people, who live in a settlement deep inside the rainforest, have been threatened for several decades by illegal gold miners who invade their land and bring diseases.

  • Brazil is home to an estimated 8,00,000 indigenous people from more than 300 ethnic groups.
  • Guarani, Kaingang, Pataxó Hã Hã Hãe Tupinambá, Yanomami, Tikuna and Akuntsu are popular tribe of Amazon.


Yanomami Tribe

  • Yanomami, also called South American Indians, live in the remote forest of the Orinoco River basin in southern Venezuela and the northernmost reaches of the Amazon River basin in northern Brazil.
  • They numbered around 27,000 individuals throughout their range.
  • Yanomami live in small, scattered, semi-permanent villages and speak the Xirianá language.
  • They practice hunting and slash-and-burn agriculture.
  • It can be noted that recently, a Brazilian indigenous leader Davi Kopenawa who secured the land rights of the Yanomami people was awarded the Right Livelihood Award-2019, also known as Sweden's alternative Nobel Prize.
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