Us notifies Withdrawal from WHO to UN

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Why the withdrawal:

Us has accused the WHO of siding with China on the outbreak of the virus, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, alleging the health body misled the world resulting in deaths of over half a million people globally, including.

US contribution:

The US is the single largest contributor to the WHO, providing over USD 450 million per annum. China's contribution to the global health body is about USD 40 million, one-tenth of that of the US.


  • The US has been a party to the WHO Constitution since June 21, 1948. Its participation was accepted by the World Health Assembly with certain conditions set out by the US for its eventual withdrawal from this world body.
  •  In April, the US stopped funding to WHO as the Trump administration reviewed the ties.


  • To withdraw the US from the WHO at the height of a global pandemic is self-defeating and dangerous.
  • Not only will this withdrawal hurt global efforts to develop and deploy critical vaccines, but it will also remove our ability to have a say in the operations and future of that organization, yielding much influence to China.


Source: Indian Express

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